Gigi Hadid: Zayn Malik balances on their very first date!


Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are very much in love. So much so that they will soon become parents! The future dad therefore swung on their very first date!

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been very happy together for several years now. Their love is so strong that it heralds a pretty future.

And for good reason ! The couple announced incredible news! Gigi Hadid is pregnant with her first child. This unofficial announcement was therefore made by the American tabloid TMZ.

The pretty blonde therefore confirmed the rumor! So it’s a little girl who’s coming up in a few months. But it must be said that their relationship was built on heights. But also on a lot of stockings!

Eh yes ! The two lovebirds have separated on several occasions … But today, their relationship is very stable! Zayn Malik even said all the good he thought about his sweetheart at The Evening Standard.

And that’s not all ! The beautiful brown therefore returned to his meeting with Gigi Hadid. So he rocked everything on their first date in an interview with The Tonight Show.

The singer fell in love with the young woman. She is not only beautiful … According to him, she also has a lot in her head!

” She is very intelligent. She knows how to behave, she is very classy and not at all arrogant (…) And she has confidence in herself, she is really cool, ”he declared.

As a reminder, the two lovers met during an evening organized for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2015. However, Gigi Hadid was in a relationship with Joe Jonas.

A few months later, she decides to break up with him in order to live a beautiful relationship with the man of her life and the father of her future daughter: Zayn.


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