Gigi Hadid says she has not put infiltrations on her face


Many believe that the young model has such a rounded face thanks to cosmetic surgery. Like many other colleagues by profession, Gigi Hadid has not been spared from facing a good number of rumors about her supposed surgery.

In her case, her boyish face and figure have given a lot to talk about due to the obvious changes they have experienced throughout her career, which she has always attributed to the fluctuations in weight she experiences due to her thyroid problems and that It cost her old curves of adolescence.

“ People think that I have infiltrated my face, and that is why it has such a rounded shape. And the funny thing is that I have been like this since I was born, ” she assured her makeup artist Erin Parsons in a conversation that was broadcast on Instagram.

Her physical appearance in particular was subjected to intense scrutiny last February while participating in Fashion Week. At that time it had not yet transpired that she was expecting her first child with singer Zayn Malik, but her body had begun to show the changes associated with pregnancy.

“I was pregnant for several months and I think it already showed on my cheeks, so there is not much room left to fill with infiltrations,” she joked.

Gigi can’t help but laugh when she reads all the tweaks attributed to her in the virtual sphere, because in reality she is rarely even encouraged to undergo non-invasive beauty treatments.

” People think I have changed my eyebrows, to arch them, but if you look at my photos from when I was a baby, I already had the same pointy eyebrows ,” she said.


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