Gigi Hadid reveals the diet she used during her pregnancy


Gigi Hadid is about to give birth, Zayn Malik’s girlfriend revealed the favorite dishes she has eaten during her pregnancy.

Jelena Hadid, better known as Gigi, is waiting for her first daughter with Zayn Malik, the singer and the young mother enjoyed much of the quarantine at the model’s family ranch in Pennsylvania, United States.

The couple very often share photos on social networks, where they show their great love, they also show the landscapes that surround them while they spend a pleasant summer.

A few hours ago, through Instagram, Gigi revealed a set of 10 photos where she shared with her more than 56 million followers the pleasant view of her large property in Pennsylvania, the also influencer, wrote in the description:

Summer gratitude

Hadid is a figure of the catwalks, one of her requirements is to maintain the line and a healthy body, one of the things that the images showed, is the rich diet that the blonde is enjoying, Gigi eats homemade cinnamon rolls with glaze , also freshly picked strawberries from the family garden.

Yolanda Hadid’s daughter loves Japanese food, but unfortunately because of her pregnancy she cannot eat raw fish, so one option for her diet is vegan sushi, which she prepares with vegetables such as avocado and cucumber.

Gigi Hadid’s post already has more than 2 million likes, many of her fans and closest friends left comments full of affection, love and support for the model from the Chanel fashion house.

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