Gigi Hadid magnificent for her big comeback in modeling!


After putting his modeling career on hold! The beautiful Gigi Hadid is well and truly back in the deep end! After a well-deserved maternity leave, the beautiful Gigi Hadid is back in the world of modeling! Indeed, the beautiful blonde has just posted several photos of her last shoot for a luxury brand!

The temperature went up a notch on Instagram on Wednesday November 18, 2020! Indeed, the beautiful Gigi Hadid made her com back on Instagram by posting no less than two photos of her recent shoot for the Alexander Wang brand!

A cliché that Internet users loved! Indeed, in the space of just a few hours, the post in question has already accumulated more than a million likes on the social network, a real record for the young mother!

The comments are also very numerous under Gigi Hadid’s post! Indeed, its subscribers were more adorable than ever!


Like each of the posts of the sublime Gigi Hadid, Internet users have reacted en masse to her last publication!

“Too beautiful Gigi, plus you always look very natural in your photos, even when it’s a pro shoot! “” But what a beauty this woman, glad that she is back in the game! ”

Or again: “Canon these two photos, the Alexander Wang outfits that you put forward on the 2 pictures are just sublime!” We can thus read on the social network of Gigi Hadid! Messages all more positive than the others and which will please Bella Hadid’s big sister!

So we let you admire the two photos in question below… Watch out for your eyes!

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