Gigi Hadid is throwing a birthday party for Zayn Malik!


Gigi Hadid loves to please her darling Zayn Malik. Thus, she gave him a superb geek birthday party for his 28 years!

Gigi Hadid sees it big. Thus, she made sure her baby girl’s father, Zayn Malik, had the best birthday party ever.

Even though this is the first time Zayn Malik has celebrated his birthday as a father, his darling Gigi Hadid has done everything to make him feel like a kid again.

For example, the young woman rented arcade video games. The 25-year-old model could not help but share photos on her Instagram account on the night of January 12.

We then recognize PacMan, The Simpsons, Donkey Kong and many more. Everything was well laid out, with lots of festive colors and balloons surrounding the machines.

But that’s not all ! Gigi Hadid even had party hats made that featured Zayn’s face in honor of what she called “Z-day.” Too cute !

To organize everything, Gigi Hadid asked her mom for help. “Gigi and Yolanda had been planning Zayn’s birthday for months. They really wanted to make her day special. But Yolanda and Zayn’s personal assistant, Taryn, was the one who did all of the heavy lifting. She was running around town when Gigi was pregnant. Then Yolanda wanted to let Gigi relax with Zayn and their baby while she and Taryn got everything ready, ”a source close to

Indeed, the couple welcomed their baby girl in September 2020, so it seems normal that the young supermodel needs a shoulder to lean on.


“They went to an arcade rental store where they arranged for all of the big old school classic arcade machines to be delivered to Gigi Hadid and Zayn’s apartment in New York City. Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, ”the source continues to the magazine.

“Zayn has always loved video games and arcades. They decided to go for this theme because it is nostalgic. Then it will entertain them because they cannot accommodate many people because of the pandemic. They are always very safe about everything. But they also want to let loose on her birthday, ”adds the source of the small but fun birthday party.

“Zayn is a huge fan of video and fantasy games. He loves Harry Potter and just likes things that take him away from the life he knows. He always plays video games to keep in touch with his friends. Because it’s really cool and fun for him to pass the time. So having an old fashioned video game-themed birthday party is a great idea. He can let go and become a child again. It’s something that makes him really happy, ”says a second source.

From the photos Gigi Hadid has shared so far, the young man looks like he’s had a blast. A full box then!


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