Gigi Hadid is rocking like crazy on Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”!


On social networks, an old video of Gigi Hadid has resurfaced. The singer is in the mood for “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B.

Gigi Hadid is unanimous everywhere she goes. The proof with this old video of the American model posted on social networks.

It’s been several months since Gigi Hadid deserted trendy parties in Los Angeles. The pretty blonde who recently gave birth to her first baby is resting.

And with the Covid-19 crisis, out of the question for the model to take risks, therefore. So her fans don’t hesitate to share old videos of their idol.

Indeed, a video of Gigi Hadid dating back several years has resurfaced on Twitter. In the images, the young woman sways to the sound of Bodak Yellow.

Released in 2017, Cardi B’s track had been a huge hit when it was released. Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lopez or Gigi Hadid… The stars of the entire planet have danced to the sound of the rapper…


Used to after-parties as a model, the pretty blonde has shown that she has more than one trick up her sleeve. So we see her at a private party enjoying herself on the American rapper’s Bodak Yellow.

On social networks, Gigi Hadid fans are therefore unanimous. Zayn Malik’s sweetheart is therefore an outstanding dancer, in addition to being a super chef, therefore.

For those who do not know it, the pretty Californian is therefore a foodie. In 2016, Bella Hadid’s sister won the Master Chef competition, hosted by Chef Gordon Ramsay.

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The young mother therefore proposed to the show’s jury to revisit a New York burger! Jalapeño peppers, a nest of fried onions and potato crisps, the American supermodel wowed the jury, who crowned her as the winner!


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