Gigi Hadid is proud of Los Angeles!


To prepare for the presidential elections, the city of Los Angeles has applied green measures that made Gigi Hadid proud!

Obviously, Los Angeles County doesn’t mess with the environment. Via her Instagram story, Gidi Hadid also praised the merits of the green guidelines of her hometown.

Gigi Hadid has been very discreet in the media in recent months. And for good reason, she decided to live her pregnancy to the fullest away from prying eyes.

Installed in the sublime ranch of her mother in Pennsylvania, the pretty blonde took the opportunity to relax in nature. And this little break in the countryside has obviously done him the greatest good.

On September 19, Gigi Hadid and her darling Zayn Malik welcomed their first child. A little girl whose name has yet to be released by her famous parents.

They want for the moment to protect it from the media. However, Bella’s sister continues to share some images of her daily life via her Instagram account.

And most recently, the star hailed the latest green measures from her hometown. The proof in pictures!


At the end of the electoral period, Gigi Hadid praised the merits of all the companies in L.A which adopt more and more green gestures. And some are ready to pick up the protective wooden boards from the stores.

On the post relayed by Gigid Hadid, Internet users could read: “Are you the owner of a company that has protected its window in anticipation of the election results? “.

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But also: “If that’s the case, we’d love to get that plywood out of your way once you’re done with it!” We can reuse it for enclosures and prevent the wood from being wasted! “.

And to conclude: “We would be happy to pick him up in the city of L.A. Please send us a DM if you are able to help us.” We hope this ingenious idea inspires other cities around the world.


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