Gigi Hadid in space pants for dating her daughter!


Gigi Hadid strikes a pose in “space pants” and once again puts everyone in agreement with her very original outfit.

Big fan of fashion and beautiful clothes, Gigi Hadid is revealed every day in new styles, each more sublime and original than the next. She is unanimous with her new outfit on Instagram!

With more than 60 million followers on Instagram, Gigi Hadid emerges as one of the most popular stars of the platform.

It’s simple, everyone loves it. Internet users follow the crazy adventures of their idol en masse on the social network, in search of new nuggets.

And yet, there is plenty to do. The one who has shared Zayn Malik’s life for 5 years spends a good part of her time feeding her feed with new exclusive posts.

With it, Internet users hardly have time to be bored. Photo shoots, look of the day, small moments of life with his family and new announcements, everything goes!

And to the delight of her very large audience, Gigi Hadid has just posted a new photo in her story. We love !

The star of social networks unveils her new pants, to say the least, original… Her outfit is very heavy!


As you probably know, Gigi Hadid loves fashion and beautiful clothes. Her wardrobe is overflowing with unique pieces!

The very famous American model works with very big textile brands and thus parades for the most prestigious haute couture houses. High class !

Very active on Instagram, she unveils her most beautiful outfits every day and thus makes her millions of fans dream. They love it!

It must be said that each time, the style of the 25-year-old star sends a heavy load. It puts everyone in agreement on the social network!

On Wednesday January 13, Gigi Hadid did it again by appearing with brand new pants in her story. On it, we then discover a ton of planets, comets and shooting stars. Yes, you did hear!

Seduced by the “space pants” of the pretty brunette with the devastating gaze, Internet users then reacted en masse to their idol’s post.

They thus validate his outfit by a large majority! You will have probably understood that, so it’s one more hit for Yolanda’s daughter.

The paparazzi have surprised her in the streets of New York with this same outfit alongside her daughter. We let you take a look at the star’s Insta story!


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