Gigi Hadid in a bathrobe with Alama O’Herlihy!


Gigi Hadid paid tribute to Alama O’Herlihy on Instagram! The star shared a sexy old pic with her friend. We show you!

Gigi Hadid is nostalgic for her life before! The star recalled her memories with her friend Alama O’Herlihy on Instagram. She unveiled an unprecedented photo where we can see them in a bathrobe behind the scenes of a shoot!

Gigi Hadid is very active on social networks. Indeed, the young woman can not help but post pictures to give news to her fans!

The pretty blonde is one of the most followed top models on the web. She now has over 62 million fans on her Instagram page. Unbelievable !

Despite its success, Zayn Malik’s sweetheart remains very accessible on the famous social network. And the bombshell never hesitates to pay tribute to those close to them by posting pretty declarations of love!

Today, Gigi Hadid is celebrating a very important day. It is the birthday of one of her best friends Alama O’Herlihy.

The young mother has therefore prepared a little surprise for her BFF. Indeed, she decided to share old pictures to remember their moments together. Adorable!


Gigi Hadid unveiled an unseen photo with the famous photographer. The two women appear in bathrobes behind the scenes of a former shoot.

The duo is closer than ever on the photo. The two bombs have makeup and hair to do their photoshoot together. And it’s hot!

This nice memory has cracked Internet users. It must be said that Alama and Gigi are sublime, even in a bathrobe!

Once again, Gigi Hadid proves her generosity and loyalty to us! Despite her new life as a young mother, the star does not forget her friends!

The it girl also seems very impatient to find her photographer. We can’t wait to follow their reunion! Not you ?


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