Gigi Hadid: her magnificent shoot at 33 weeks pregnant!


Gigi Hadid is expected to give birth very soon and the young woman is eager to become a mother. She did a brand new photoshoot and looks great.

Gigi Hadid announced a few months ago that she was pregnant. The young woman has been dating Zayn Malik for several years and they are a very beautiful couple.

The two stars have, however, experienced ups and downs. Indeed, in 2018, they had chosen to take a break of a few months. Yet they had been together for over two years.

Today Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik love each other like they did on the first day. In fact, they are one of the most glamorous couples in Hollywood. The two stars are set to become parents for the very first time.

Gigi announced her pregnancy when she was over 20 weeks pregnant. “We’re super happy today,” she confirmed. Since then, fans can see her baby bump and the star appears to be in great shape.


Gigi Hadid wants to be very discreet about her pregnancy. At first, the young woman did not want to reveal pictures of her baby bump. In fact, some Internet users criticized her and suggested that she was not pregnant.

Yet this Monday, August 31, Gigi is once again proving to everyone that she is expecting a child. The model is 33 weeks pregnant and reveals her huge baby bump. Her photo shoot is very beautiful and the star is beaming with happiness.

We find her in a transparent green dress and she lets see her chest. Nonetheless, her fans will mostly linger on her rounded stomach. Many Internet users have left messages and find it very beautiful.

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“An angel” said one fan. “You are elegant and your baby will be as beautiful as the two of you” wrote another net surfer. Gigi Hadid’s baby bump photos were eagerly awaited. In fact, in just a few minutes, they collected more than 1.5 million likes on Instagram!


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