Gigi Hadid has become masked and unrecognizable!


Gigi Hadid has made another appearance with her baby girl in New York City. As always, the young mother has cracked Internet users!

Gigi Hadid is no longer afraid to go out with her 4 month old baby girl! Indeed, the young mother has taken a little walk with her baby in the streets of New York. A special trip that did not go unnoticed! We show you!

Since the birth of her daughter, Gigi Hadid lives on a small cloud. The famous top model enjoys every moment with her baby and her darling Zayn Malik.

The young parents have also decided to protect their little girl by remaining very discreet on the web. Photos of the baby are therefore very rare, and her name is still kept secret.

Nevertheless, Gigi Hadid begins to go out in public with her little girl. Indeed, the it-girl is no longer afraid to take walks despite the presence of the paparazzi!

Yesterday, the bomb made a very noticeable appearance in the streets of New York! The latter showed up while out for a walk with her baby to go promote her sweetheart.

We can then discover Gigi Hadid with her stroller. As always, the mother takes care to hide the daughter and tries to remain incognito with her look!


Despite her mask, XXL glasses and scarf, Gigi Hadid has not escaped the paparazzi. Fortunately, the star was still able to enjoy her little walk with her darling daughter!

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The young mother approaches a very trendy look as usual. She is hiding behind an XXL vintage blazer and destroyed jeans that looks great on her!

Gigi Hadid also took the time to take pictures in front of a poster of her darling Zayn Malik. Like what, the bomb is ready to do anything for the promotion of her man!


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