Gigi Hadid goes on a shopping spree with her baby!


Before the end of the year holidays, mainly Christmas, Gigi Hadid has taken a shopping session with her baby.

This year, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s daughter will be spending her first Christmas. For the occasion, the young mother took her shopping.

How cute ! Since the birth of her baby, Gigi Hadid has been very discreet. Indeed, the young woman tastes the happiness of motherhood out of sight.

However, Zayn Malik’s partner broke her own rule. As the end of the year holidays, especially Christmas, are fast approaching, she has taken a shopping trip.

And of course, the most requested model in Fashion Week wasn’t alone. Her daughter gladly accompanied her in her stroller!

So Gigi Hadid proudly took a walk with her little princess. But mother and daughter couldn’t have known the privilege of shopping on their own.

The reason ? The famous supermodel, Bella Hadid, was also in the game. After all, there was no way she couldn’t have a good time with the family.

Ultra-stylish, the two sisters were all dressed in black. In addition, the two interested parties wore anti-covid masks and sunglasses.

So, would that be a nice way to go incognito? Either way, their plan failed. The paparazzi spotted them in the blink of an eye!


In any case, Gigi Hadid has never been happier than she is now. If the pretty blonde does not share photos of her daughter, she recently revealed some beautiful pictures.

Thus, we could see his companion, former member of the group One Direction, cuddling his baby bump. Besides, you have to believe that he would start to miss his big belly.

And for good reason, Gigi Hadid has shared more photos of her. Would she be nostalgic for her pregnancy? Does she already want another child? Surprise…


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