Gigi Hadid: Fans will be able to tear the same jacket!


Seen during a walk with her daughter, Gigi Hadid’s coat is causing a stir on social networks. It is available in store!

The top model Gigi Hadid, always at the forefront of fashion, walked around with an oversized coat that is causing a sensation on the web.

Gigi Hadid’s public appearances never go unnoticed. First of all, because the supermodel doesn’t come out every fourth morning.

Plus, because Zayn Malik’s girlfriend always goes out looking very stylish. In fact, she just proved it to us again!

As the pretty blonde allowed herself a ride with her daughter in the stroller, it was not the mother-daughter moment that her fans took.

But his outfit. Indeed, Gigi Hadid wore a shearling bob, signed Louis Vuitton, high boots with classic chic as well as monochrome beige clothes.

That’s not all ! In London, the temperatures are very low. So to overcome the cold, the young mother opted for a very long coat.

Besides, not just any. So, she chose a very cozy one with oversized lines. And he is really very hot.

So if you didn’t know where to shop for this piece, we know where she found this beautiful coat. It is available at Mango!


Indeed, you can find the same coat as Gigi Hadid on the shelves of the Mango store. And it is accessible for everyone!

And for good reason, this piece is currently on sale on the store’s website. No, you are not dreaming. You can save while having fun.

Thus, Gigi Hadid’s coat is at 69.99 euros instead of 99.99 euros. It’s a pretty good deal at the start of the year, isn’t it? In any case, we know where we are going to go shopping.


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