Gigi Hadid defends Zayn Malik from the teasing of a Youtuber


Gigi Hadid defends Zayn Malik from the teasing of a Youtuber. The model showed that their new relationship is stronger than ever.

Although staying away from social networks, Zayn Malik became the center of attention in social networks after a YouTuber named Jake Paul made negative comments against him; however, fans were surprised by Gigi Hadid’s reaction .

For a couple of months, Gigi and Zayn revived the rumors of a possible reconciliation, and although neither has confirmed anything, it seems that the model gave the final test after coming out in defense of the singer.

Apparently, Zayn attended the World Box Council fight to support Tyson Fury, a British fighter. At the event, Jake may have been known, who is supposedly a homophobic person and the singer decided to evade his invitation after the fight. The YouTuber mocked him but Gigi answered him directly and told him that Zayn was fine, surrounded by his friends and that she was there for him.

It is not the first time that Gigi shows her support for the singer and although they have not yet determined their social status, Gigi did not like the words of Jake , who said he would be alone once he left the event.

The Zquad celebrated the attitude of the model and are grateful that Zayn has someone to defend him and show his support at all times.


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