Gigi Hadid celebrates the birthday of stepmom Trisha Malik!


Gigi Hadid celebrates her stepmother Trisha Malik’s 51th birthday on Instagram! We give you more details. Gigi Hadid celebrates the birthday of her stepmom Trisha Malik!

On November 10, Zayn Malik’s mother blew out her 51st candle! For the occasion, her son and daughter-in-law Gigi Hadid decided to spend time with their family.

On her Instagram Story, the pretty supermodel posted a photo from their evening. We then notice a pretty birthday cake with several candles.

Gigi Hadid wishes her stepmother a happy birthday and does not fail to identify her on her Story. “We love you” can be read in the photo. Or “We wish you the best year. ”

The young mother seems to have a very good relationship with her stepmother. Maybe the latter even spends time at home helping them with their first child.


On September 20, Gigi Hadid gave birth to her first child. And the least we can say is that the little girl made her young parents happy.

The two lovers were able to live their first moments with their baby in the greatest privacy. The couple are also very careful to preserve the privacy of their little girl.

In fact, their daughter’s first name has still not been revealed! But Gigi Hadid still shares some moments of life with her daughter on social networks. To the delight of the fans!

Lately the pretty mother shared a moment of her daily life with her baby. We see her take her daughter in her arms after giving her the bottle.

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The pretty blonde then carries her daughter to make her burp. In the caption, the young woman writes “She burps rainbows” with a wink emoji. Once again proof of the unconditional love a parent can have for their child.


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