Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik open their girls’ gifts!


Ready for the tiniest moment of the day? It is on Gigi Hadid’s Instagram account that it happens: filming the opening of Christmas presents for her darling little girl with Zayn Mali, they are adorable!

Ready for the tiniest moment of the day? It’s on Gigi Hadid’s Instagram account: filming the opening of her darling little girl’s Christmas presents with Zayn Malik, they are adorable!

New buzz on the web for lovebirds! Indeed, fans were eager to experience their very first Christmas as parents.

For the occasion, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik spent Christmas Eve with their family at the Hadids’. Along with Yolanda (mum Hadid), Bella and Dua Lipa, they celebrated as they should according to the few stories seen on Instagram.

Indeed, Yolanda shared videos of their evening to the delight of the fans. We see in particular Gigi and Zayn opening a present for their daughter: a too mims pink bodysuit; While another white bodysuit they received appears below.

Too adorable, don’t you think ?! By the way, Gigi Hadid also shared her own photos! Look :


For her first Christmas as a mom, Gigi Hadid shared some intimate photos. She reveals to us in particular a photo of Zayn holding their daughter, faces hidden.

On the following story, we guess the baby lying down. Already ultra stylish, their little girl wears Gucci.

However, Gigi Hadid still has not revealed her daughter’s name to her fans … She makes a point of not showing their baby’s face in the photos to protect her privacy.

Unsurprisingly, since a few days before, the young mother announced on her Instagram account that “you shouldn’t expect a photo of her daughter’s full body just yet. It will not happen “.


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