Gigi Hadid and Zayn: Celebrating their 5-year relationship!


Today is a big day ! Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik celebrate their 5th anniversary. Back to a love story born under the spotlight.

Happy birthday to Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik! Today the couple who welcomed their first child, celebrate their 5 years of relationship!

The top model and the singer have been a couple for 5 years now. The two lovers who have known ups and downs during all these years had indulged in their relationship.

In an interview with The Tonight Show, Gigi Hadid returned to her meeting with Zayn Malik. It was at a party for the Victoria’s Secret after show that the two stars got together.

The facts go back to 2015. In a relationship with Joe Jonas when she meets the singer of One Direction, the latter decides to break up with him and starts dating the interpreter of Pillow Talk.

The couple who had decided to keep their relationship a secret, will formalize a few weeks before Christmas. In order to seal their love, the couple welcomed a baby during confinement.


Today is a big day for Gigi and Zayn. The two lovebirds celebrated their 5th anniversary, and with them, a cute baby they are keeping a secret.

On social media, fans of the couple have not forgotten this November 12, therefore. For several hours, the canvas has been boiling, therefore.

Anniversary messages to the two lovebirds are spreading at great speed. “Happy birthday to the most stylish couple in the world”, “already 5 years that we love you, happy birthdays my treasures”, “5 years, oh my God time flies so fast, I remember the first photo of you two !! Happy birthday ”, we can read.

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So far, neither Gigi nor Zayn has written a message to celebrate their 5th birthday. Yesterday, the American model celebrated a completely different birthday, that of Trisha Malik, the mother of Zayn Malik, therefore.


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