Gigabyte Offers Refunds For Users With ‘explosive’ Fonts


Gigabyte: For at least six months, according to reports from customers of US retailer Newegg, Gigabyte has been shipping to consumers power supplies prone to failures or entirely defective — in some cases, causing sparks, smoke and even small “explosions”. Last Friday (13), the manufacturer finally commented on the severe problem and confirmed that it will make changes to the products, in addition to offering refunds to affected customers.

The case had repercussions and attracted the attention of professionals in the field, such as the specialized YouTube channels Hardware Busters and Gamers Nexus, who carried out a series of tests on the supposedly problematic models. Without difficulties, the evaluation revealed that, in fact, the GP-P750GM (850W) and GP-P850GM (750W) series have chronic problems that, in addition to being bothersome, can cause damage to other computer components and even to its users.

Without further ado, Gigabyte has commented on the results in a way that is, to say the least, unfavorable for its image. According to a spokesman for the company, content creators would have forced variables in the tests in order to obtain failures, such as prolonged exposure of components to high electrical power, overloading the models’ overload protection (OPP) function. He explains: “This extended testing level can dramatically reduce the life of the product and components of the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM.”

On the other hand, Gamer Nexus professionals soon rebutted, claiming the company is “distorting the truth about explosive power supplies in a dangerous way.” The group, who spent about two months testing both models, explained that they only activated the overload protection feature once and that this still wouldn’t be enough to cause component failures.

Changes: better late than never

Considering the many negative ratings from consumers and the result of unfavorable technical tests, Gigabyte chose to give more safety margin to the overload protection feature, reducing the maximum power required for its activation by about 19% in both models.

The GP-P850GM power supplies, which previously had a 1300W limit, will have a lower tolerance of 1050W, while the GP-P750GM will now have 925W, contrasting with their previous 1125W.

In addition, the company also has a return and exchange program. Check out the full regulation by clicking here.


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