Giants Coach Apologizes After Starting a Fight at Practice


Scott Thatch / Getty Images

New York Giants offensive line coach Bobby Johnson has apologized for his role in the brawl during training camp on Monday.

Instead of trying to ease the tension during the brawl between the players, Johnson escalated the situation by pushing third-year linebacker Cam Brown.

“For the incident [on Monday] I take full responsibility,” Johnson said during a press conference on Tuesday, according to multiple reports. “I repent. This can’t be happening. It won’t happen again.

“I apologized to the relevant people. In particular, Cam. I have to be better than this. That’s not what we’re looking for. This is an unfortunate incident that cannot and will not happen again.”

Head coach Brian Daboll called the entire team for a meeting on Monday. He also met with all the participants of the fight.

“I would say to everyone who was involved in this, this is not what we are going to do. It was decided,” Daboll told ESPN. “I talked to the team. I talked to the coaches. They know the expectations. We’re not going to lose our temper that way.”

Disciplinary measures were not applied.

“[Daboll] addressed that and he made it crystal clear,” Johnson added. “So it’s been resolved and we’re moving away from it.”

The Giants completed a light workout Tuesday without incident.


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