Giant Xbox Series X-shaped refrigerator for you to be


Microsoft makes the meme about the design of its next generation console a reality and presents the X Series-based fridge; get her in her raffle.

And the meme came true. Since the official presentation of Microsoft’s next-generation console, the almighty Xbox Series X, the internet was filled with memes and jokes about its sober design, equipping it with all kinds of objects and decontextualizing its image to merge the console itself in all kinds of images. And one of the most witty was none other than passing Xbox Series X through a refrigerator; said and done. Microsoft has just introduced its own fridge based on its new console; And best of all, it can be yours.

Xbox raffles Series X fridge

And it is that beyond that it seems a joke, the refrigerator of Xbox Series X is completely real; so much so that celebrities such as rapper and record producer Snoop Dogg or influencer iJustine, already have their own unit and have not hesitated to show it to the world to the surprise of the fans.

Not surprisingly, the refrigerator presents all the details of the original X Series design and when opened, it shows its interior with a green house brand light. As a curiosity, you can see food products from video game franchises such as Gears of War, Halo or Forza, in addition to other upcoming news such as Watch Dogs Legion or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Even Microsoft has published a trailer to present its own refrigerator, an appliance that, unfortunately, does not seem to be going to be commercialized. But there is still a chance to get one. Thus, Xbox has started a raffle through Twitter through which to win a unit of such a striking and imposing refrigerator in the shape of Xbox Series X; Those who want to participate have until November 4, a few days before the arrival of Xbox Series X to stores, scheduled for November 10.

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