Giant Whales Are Buying In SHIB And These 9 Altcoins!


Whale detective WhaleStats has shared some powerful on-chain metrics for the Shiba Inu army. According to the latest tweet from WhaleStats, which tracks the top 1000 Ethereum whales, SHIB is returning to the top of the 10 most bought cryptocurrencies list. To remember, as we reported in Somagnnews news, the FTT token temporarily dethroned SHIB. Now Ethereum whales are rallying around SHIB and 9 altcoins.

SHIB is the last biggest whale accumulation from Ethereum

Meme token is currently the biggest investment of whales in dollar terms after Ethereum. The average amount of Shiba stored by major wallets is 52,059,838,702 units of SHIB worth $1,938,484. In first place is 41,044 ETH worth $154,122,824. UNI remains the most traded token here.

Here are other selections of whales

FTT, the native token of the FTX exchange, ranks third behind SHIB with 39,274 tokens worth $1,545,065. You can check out the other altcoins that whales buy the most here:

SHIB accepted by NowPayments

On December 30, crypto payments processing company NowPayments announced a special event that will allow the community to burn SHIB. Accordingly, they will burn 3% of the profits in SHIB. Thus, SHIBs are sent to a determined “dead address” and are permanently removed from circulation. To date, the initial supply of 1 quadrillion Shib has dropped to 549 trillion tokens so far, according to the latest data from CoinGecko. Half of that quadrillion was presented to Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum founder) by the SHIB founder earlier this year. Buterin burned 90% of this “gift” and sent the rest to a charity in India to help fight the pandemic that has shaken the world for the past two years.