Giant Stardew Valley update now available for PC


Developer Eric Barone has revealed through his social networks that Stardew Valley has just received a massive PC update, adding a new explorable island, growing area, personalization cosmetics and more.

Update 1.5 for Stardew Valley brings more significant improvements to the title, being the biggest update ever seen since its launch. Now, PC players will have access to a new region of the world, the Ginger Island, and will be able to unlock a farm island in the beach models, where it will be possible to plant in any season.

Ginger comes up with new locations, dialogues, events, mini-games, puzzles and a series of missions involving several NPCs, including Leo, who will have his own backstory and the development of his narrative from the completion of side quests. The island also has a list of new enemies, as well as many items for customization that can be acquired by building resorts and exploring dungeons.

In addition, patch 1.5 adds a huge list of features and mechanics such as combining items, new difficulties for mines and caves, new crops and trees, machines to craft, animals and a little bit of practically all types of accessories in the game. Quality of life systems and interaction with the environment and other NPCs have also been improved, and some bugs and occasional bugs have been fixed.

To check out all the news from the Stardew Valley update 1.5, just go to the game’s official website and check out the countless additions that the title won.


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