Giant ship locks Suez Canal and creates congestion


Wednesday did not start well for the Taiwanese shipping company Evergreen, which owns the ship Ever Given: the 400-meter vessel was stuck in the Suez Canal, located in the Red Sea, and is generating “maritime traffic jam”.

The container ship, which is almost the size of the Empire State building, was stuck horizontally in the Suez Canal, making it difficult for other vessels to navigate. Ever Given ended up losing control after facing strong gusts of up to 50 km / h and ran aground on one of the banks of the sea route.

According to Evergreen, the ship entered the Suez Canal on Tuesday (24) at 8 am and the company is still working to move the vessel, which is capable of loading up to 200 thousand tons and 20 thousand containers.


With Ever Given blocking the Suez Canal, more than 100 vessels are waiting to be released to cross the site and around 20 ships have been anchored in the region, which offers a quick passage between the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. Anyone who does not want to wait will have to take a trip across the African continent to reach the other side.

Every day, around 50 vessels use the Suez Canal and the stranded ship caused a delay in deliveries. The passageway is often used to bring oil to the northern hemisphere and more than 10 million barrels were stuck in the bottling, according to information from TankerTrackers.

The situation could be aggravated if the vessel is stuck longer in the Suez Canal. Currently, teams responsible for the sea route try to move Ever Given using smaller ships and excavators.


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