Giant Metaverse Move From This Altcoin: Price Jumps!


Phenomenal projects of different eras emerge in the crypto market and suddenly spread to the world. The meme coin craze began to cool, and in the last quarter of 2021, when Mark Zuckerberg, who saw the future in the metaverse, merged his companies, including Facebook, under the name Meta, the Metaverse craze began to take place. Now, seeing the opportunities in this field in the crypto universe, different altcoin projects are starting to develop Metaverse projects. Most recently, altcoin project Qtum (QTUM) has made a new move with Moonlandmeta.

Altcoin project builds moon-themed metaverse

Qtum is a cryptocurrency that combines Ethereum’s smart contract functionality with the security of Bitcoin’s unspent transaction output model (UTXO) to create a platform suitable for large enterprise adoption. According to CoinMarketCap data, Qtum (QTUM), which is in the 90th place with a market value of $ 910 million, announced its metaverse plan called Moonlandmeta today. According to the statement made by Patrick Dai, the founder of the Qtum Foundation, Qtum will soon activate the metaverse project called Moonlandmeta.

According to CoinMarketCap data, the altcoin price, which was in the red zone during the day and fell to $ 8.66, turned positive with the effect of the Metaverse news and rose to $ 9.53 levels. Qtum’s trading volume increased by 55% in the last 24 hours, reaching more than $226 million, while its price rose and its trading volume increased at the same time.