Giant fighting package for Corona virus from Google


On Friday, Google vowed support for the health package, researchers and crisis-affected businesses that have been affected by the Corona virus pandemic. According to CEO Sundar Pichai, great help; It will come in the form of cash, advertising loans and cloud services.

Another support from Google after the US giant aid package
“Together, we will continue to help our communities, including our businesses, educators, researchers and nonprofits, to overcome challenges.” said. Google continues to collaborate to provide healthcare workers with protective equipment support, such as face masks. Google works with Verily, a division of Google X, with equipment manufacturers for engineering, supply chain, and medical device manufacturing.

$ 800 million from Google
Google has also promised over $ 800 million to support Corona virus-affected organizations and businesses, after spending a budget of $ 2.2 trillion as part of the US government’s approved bill yesterday.

$ 250 million to the World Health Organization (WHO) and other government agencies $ 340 million for small and medium-sized businesses, including Google Ads credit for NGOs and financial institutions. In addition, the company; It plans to offer technical expertise and financial support to assist in the production of protective equipment and medical devices when working with partner companies and suppliers, helping to manufacture face masks, respirators and other medical devices. In addition, $ 20 million of Google Cloud credits will be allocated for academic institutions and researchers to study the disease and work towards vaccines. Google will also increase the bonus offered to employees to $ 10,000 a year.

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