Giant Exchange OKEx Lists 8 New Cryptocurrencies


OKEx, one of the world’s leading crypto currency exchanges, announced yesterday that it will list 8 promising DeFi-based tokens. This move of OKEx, which supports 8 oracles, fixedcoin and liquidity provider projects in a day, was interpreted as reinforcing the exchange’s commitment to DeFi.

Band Protocol (BAND), JUST (JST), REN (REN), Reserve Rights (RSR), (YFI), Nexus Mutual (wNXM), (YFII), according to OKEx’s official statement yesterday. and listed Tellor (TRB) tokens. For these 8 DeFi-based digital currencies, Tether, Bitcoin and Ethereum pairs took their place in OKEx as of yesterday; Withdrawals will be possible from 31 August.

OKEx users around the world can trade with 27 different DeFi tokens, with these 8 new tokens added. The exchange previously listed Mantra DAO’s OM token, the first project of the recently popular Polkadot ecosystem, and DeFi’s open source Decentralised Information Asset (DIA) project for its users.

While it is rare for exchanges to list so many cryptocurrencies on the same day, this move is interpreted by market experts as an indicator of OKEX’s success in taking fast action and adapting to user demands.

OKEx CEO Supporter of High Potential DeFi Projects

OKEx continues to play the leading exchange role in the DeFi field with the last 8 listings. Commenting on the newly added 8 digital currencies, OKEx CEO Jay Hao said that they meticulously observe the dynamics in the DeFi market. Stating that he is happy to cooperate with promising and quality DeFi projects, Hao argued that they gave their best support to create more successful projects on the DeFi platform. The CEO stated that OKEx’s decision to list the 8 mentioned tokens is not an end; He added that the support will continue.

While Jay Hao mentioned that they have a very positive forecast about the future of DeFi; He also stated that DeFi could be an innovative, efficient, low cost and secure alternative to traditional financial systems. In addition to the 27 DeFi projects it has listed, OKEx has also opened the DeFi category, where users can easily access from the website and get information quickly.


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