Giant Development From Famous Crypto Exchange: It Will Have Its Own Payment Methods!


Considered one of the most important exchanges of the crypto exchange, Binance is going to a new update on its platforms, and in addition to SEPA, it offers a new option for bank transfers such as Euro and Sterling, through a faster payment.

Faster Money Transfer

In order to achieve this, Binance, which continues to develop with Paysafe, puts deposits and withdrawals in currencies such as Euro and Sterling to a completely new way through Faster Payment Services (FPS). Binance emphasizes that in almost all of Europe, personal users can transact directly in Euros through SEPA. In addition, Binance also reports that the developments for institutional customers are not completed yet, but work on expanding service coverage with Paysafe continues.

No Transaction Fees!

In addition to all this, Binance also states that until March 31st, it will not charge transaction fees for Euro transactions with SEPA and for Sterling transactions with FPS. In addition, Binance officials also inform that transactions under 3 Euros and 3 Pounds will not be accepted on the platform and the relevant transaction will not be deducted and returned to the user.

Binance, which has prepared a guide on the subject, has started to prepare answers for every question that may be on the minds of investors and publish them on their websites. If users; If they get stuck in transactions such as account verification, SEPA transfers, Euro withdrawals, what is FPS, Sterling bank transfer, they can find these answers in the frequently asked questions section on Binance’s website.

Investors Attention!

On the other hand, Binance states that the platform will not charge a transaction fee until March 31, and emphasizes that if banks demand such a fee, they are not responsible and cannot control it. Binance says investors should consult their banks on this issue before trading.

With this development, Binance, especially targeting European investors, allows its platform to develop continuously. Both potential European investors can speed up their transactions with their own currencies, and Binance can get ahead of its competitors in the crypto exchange with faster transactions.