Giant Currency Firm Has Payed 2.3 Million Dollars Bitcoin Ransom!


Travelex, one of the largest foreign currency trading companies in the UK, made a $ 2.3 million Bitcoin payment to the ransom, according to a recent information. According to information leaked to the press by one of the Travelex officials who did not want to give their name, it is known that the Sodinokibi method was used in the attack on the eve of the new year.

It was stated in the attack that some of the most basic services of the company became unusable and only a small part of them could be restored within two weeks. It turned out that the attackers were slowly infiltrating the company’s infrastructure for 6 months before attacking.

Travelex Users At Risk
The attackers also stole 5GB of valuable information after infiltrating the network and threatened not only ransomware but also private information. Travelex also agreed to pay the $ 2.3 million Bitcoin ransom after these attacks and restored the system.

However, there is no information as to whether the stolen data has been copied, and Travelex users’ information may currently be in the hands of attackers. Thanks to the ransomware, especially the attackers who earned millions of dollars in income in 2019, it is estimated that they will not stop soon.


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