Giant Battery Modular Smart Phone DOOGEE S95 Pro


DOOGEE introduces the new modular smartphone S95 Pro. This phone will replace the DOOGEE S90, announced last year. Technical specifications of the model can be found in our news.

Modular smartphones are smartphones in which parts can be replaced independently and improved with better parts. There are several companies that produce in this field and one of the prominent names is DOOGEE.

DOOGEE introduces the new phone, the S95 Pro. The phone will come with more advanced features than the previous models, but the company’s description did not include all the details. Rather, DOOGEE is focused on making the announcement of the device, but seems to have left the demonstration for later.

Known features of the DOOGEE S95 Pro:
Although DOOGEE does not provide all information about the S95 Pro in its description, it did not neglect to clarify what many users are curious about. Known features include waterproofing, which is remarkable for a modular phone. You can review the features described by the company below.

Processor: Helio P90, eight cores, 64 bit chipset
Storage: 128 GB (UFS 2.0)
Rear Camera: 48 MP Sony sensor + wide angle camera + ‘super depth’ camera

According to DOOGEE, the modules will be easy to install. In addition, different modules of the phone is expected to be introduced soon. The device will use a simple magnetic mechanism and the parts can be easily attached. The company’s 6W module will feature two 27 mm speakers.

The DOOGEE S95 Pro comes with a giant battery:
The S95 Pro’s battery will be fully 5.150 mAh. The battery will also come with a 24 W cable support and can be increased by an additional 3.500 mAh. This means that the device will have a battery that is twice as large as the average smartphone.

The company also released images of the phone. The bottom of the screen has a thick bezel and the cameras are located on the back. The sides of the phone are also strengthened to protect against impacts. DOOGEE announced that the phone will be released later this month, but did not provide a full date or price information. In addition, the phone will not be sold in which countries yet announced.


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