Giant 20-meter robot takes its first steps in Japan


A giant robot that looks like it came out of an anime is coming to life in Japan. A Yokohama park created a 20-meter-high Gundam and recently did motion tests with the “megazord”, generating images that attract attention.

In a series of recordings that are taking over the internet, the statue inspired by the robots of Mobile Suit Gundam appears taking its first steps. Those responsible for the work also showed the giant machine moving its head and even kneeling.

It is important to note, however, that the giant robot in the park in Yokohama is not very fast. Most of the recorded images were accelerated up to four times, according to the Futurism website.

That is, despite being an impressive attraction, clearly the robot is not able to defend humanity from an attack by giant monsters. The realistic version of the Gundam RX-78-2 weighs around 25 tonnes, which explains the slow movement.

The giant robot promises to be one of the main attractions of Yokohama’s Gundam Factory, but is still not being shown up close to the public. The attraction was scheduled to debut in October 2020, but the pandemic ended up affecting the schedule and the opening will only happen at the end of the year.


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