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(G)I-DLE’s Soojin stops her activities with the group


The idol was embroiled in allegations of bullying, and CUBE Entertainment paused Soojin’s activities while they investigated the case.

The company continues to collect information that allows them to get to the bottom of the accusations against Soojin for school violence, CUBE explains its position so far.

After several days of the allegations against Soojin that surfaced on websites, multiple statements have appeared regarding the idol’s situation , but it is still difficult to determine what actually happened while she was a student. CUBE Entertainment chose to continue collecting information, but in the meantime Soojin will be taking a break.

This was expressed by the company through a statement where they indicate that the member of (G) I-DLE has already stopped its activities with the group, so for a while we will see the group with only 5 members.

CUBE also expressed that so far there is no confirmation that the violent situations of which the idol is accused are true, but it has been determined that there was an argument with a former partner and Soojin revealed her version of events.


A few days ago the idol went to the U CUBE platform and acknowledged that during her time as a student she explored many things: she was a popular girl, she wore clothes that were not appropriate for her age and she also smoked, however she clarified that all those bad habits weren’t part of her life for a long time.

Soojin knew that at that time there were bad rumors pointing to her and also spoke about the person who made a post about her, for which the current controversy arose. The idol described that they used to be good friends, but because of broken promises they began to separate and ended their friendship in a bad way, however, she clarified that she never used violence or stole anything as indicated in some accusations.

Actress Seo Shin Ae , who was also involved for allegedly having suffered bullying at the hands of Soojin, shared a message with a metaphor about the seasons of the year that many interpreted as a vision of what happened in her school stage with the idol, without However, the message does not make clear the type of relationship she had with this girl.

Another celeb who was accused of bullying was actor Ji Soo , who recently stepped down from her role in the drama River Where The Moon Rises.



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