(G)I-DLE unleashes theories with the ‘Oh my god’ teaser


Fans can’t wait for the release of their MV.

(G)-I-DLE is getting closer to their new comeback with the mini album “I Trust” , the girls promise to conquer their fans with a mysterious new concept.

Through their social networks, the girls revealed the teaser for their main single and whose video unleashed the theories of Neverland . We tell you the details.


The comeback is called “Oh my god” and although the genre of the song or lyrics has not yet been revealed, the first teaser gave the first clues. Goddesses or deities?

In the clip you can see some of the members personified with dresses and looks like princesses, but just like in a fairy tale, they are trapped by something or someone. The voices narrating the teaser talk about seeking freedom by being a prisoner. Until now, the theories talk about a type of confinement that girls suffer, but in the end they manage to escape from something or someone. The theme also seems to be related to the fallen angels.

The comeback will take place this Monday at 4am (6pm Korean time). Without a doubt, it is one of the most anticipated returns of the month of April.


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