Ghostwire: Tokyo, The Five Keys Why You Can’t Miss It


Ghostwire: Tokyo: We tell you all the keys to Ghostwire: Tokyo so you don’t miss one of the essential games of this 2022 for PS5 and PC. You have very little left to be able to walk the streets of Tokyo. Tango Gameworks, the studio led by Shinji Mikami, shows its most personal project at Ghostwire: Tokyo. This new single-player action-adventure thriller allows you to embrace Japanese culture in a unique way thanks to the potential of the new generation. And it is that the title completely breaks the trend of the study in its latest works. We tell you the keys why you can not miss the bombshell for PS5 in March.

Explore Tokyo Street by Street: Passion for Japanese Culture

From the start Ghostwire: Tokyo lets you explore the districts of the Japanese capital street by street. The backyard of an apartment block can be the stronghold of a powerful yokai. The key to the city’s design revolves around a perfect balance between realism and the supernatural. Do you need supplies? Look for the signs of the supermarkets run by some quite special beings. Do you prefer to find new exploration places? Purify the temples under the torii gates and push the demons to occupy other areas further away.

The headquarters of its creators is installed on the artificial island of Odaiba, right in the heart of Tokyo Bay. The team breathes and lives the Japanese culture in their day to day; they work in the same place that they intend to transfer to the digital world. Players will immediately recognize such popular landmarks as the Shibuya Crossing or the Tokyo Tower. But the work goes beyond presenting the icons of the city: Japanese culture is breathed at all levels. The way in which Japanese folklore is represented, the customs of life of its citizens… You can expect a faithful representation of the elements that make the capital so special.

Tango Gameworks New Horizon

Shinji Mikami’s legacy in survival horror was the seed for Tango Gameworks’ early projects. Both installments of The Evil Within franchise used terror as a common denominator to the delight of fans. Ghostwire: Tokyo changes ground to offer a title focused on action, an adrenaline-charged thriller where you will have to make your way through dozens of demons ready to hunt you down. This new perspective combines the talent of the studio with the flexibility of the genre, far from survival horror.