Ghostwire Tokyo Details Its Features on PS5: Ray Tracing, Resolution, DualSense and more


Ghostwire Tokyo: The new video game from the creators of The Evil Within will be a temporary exclusive to Sony’s machine.Bethesda is already part of Microsoft, but those in Redmond will respect the previous agreements, so Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo will remain temporary exclusives on PS5. Like the Arkane game, the new from Tango Gameworks, the studio behind the two installments of The Evil Within, has uncovered what the main features of the video game will be on Sony’s next-generation machine. The information appears on the official website within the PlayStation Store.

The truth is that it will be nourished by many of the features of the console. Ghostwire: Tokyo will make use of 3D Tempest audio, so we can hear a sinister sound behind us or the distant barking of a dog. As if that weren’t enough, you will also take advantage of the most interesting aspects of the DualSense remote. Thus, there will be a different haptic feedback for each of the skills, while the haptic triggers will give us different sensations.

Near instantaneous loading times

Like Deathloop and other games in the new generation, the game will benefit from the SSD hard drive to offer greatly reduced loading times. In fact, they promise that we will be able to traverse the streets of Tokyo almost instantly. As for the graphics, ray tracing and HDR technology will be implemented (only on compatible televisions), while the resolution will reach 4K, although they point out that they will be dynamic.

Ghostwire Tokyo is an action game that takes us to the streets of Tokyo, a place where spirits roam. We will have to explore the city to discover the reasons for the strange disappearances that have occurred in recent times. The game still has no confirmed release date, although it is known that it will be published sometime this year 2021, first on PS5.


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