Ghostwire: Tokyo Changes Its Pre-Order Incentive On PS5


Ghostwire: Tokyo: Bethesda confirms that the bonus is now a pack of biker outfits, different colors for the skin. Tango Gameworks and Bethesda finalize the launch of Ghostwire: Tokyo, the new proposal from the studio of Shinji Mikami, the creator of the Resident Evil saga. Those who have reserved the game on PlayStation 5 should know that there has been a last minute change, as announced by the North American company through social networks. This is a modification of the reserve incentive, which until now was the biker outfit with a helmet.

“Previously, we announced that customers who pre-ordered Ghostwire: Tokyo for PS5 would receive a biker outfit with a helmet as a bonus,” they recalled in the statement. “We have now decided to modify the offer to add eight color variants of the biker outfit.” As such, the incentive will be renamed to the Premium Biker Outfit Pack.

From Bethesda they remember that both PS5 and PC players will be able to download the biker outfit without a helmet for free. Regardless, customers who wish to cancel their reservation due to the skin change will have to contact the seller or send a message to Bethesda’s customer service department.

Ghostwire: Tokyo visual novel, free on PS4 and PS5 PS Store

Before immersing yourself in this Tokyo of ghosts and traditions, Tango Gameworks offers a free prequel in the form of a visual novel, available on PS4 and PS5. Prelude promises that players will experience “the mysterious events” that precede the game. We will accompany the mysterious KK to a group of detectives investigating the supernatural. On this occasion, they have tightened the fence around a strange disappearance “that hides something more sinister.” The character will build bonds with the rest of the team and discover the background of the main title.

Ghostwire: Tokyo will not be delayed any longer and will be available on March 25 on Sony’s next-generation console and PC.