Ghostwire Tokyo, Analysis. Dreamy Setting, Earthy Gameplay


Ghostwire Tokyo: We tell you how the new exclusive (temporary) PS5 game is. An action adventure from Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks, creators of The Evil Within. Ghostwire Tokyo is a scary game that denies its very nature. Each and every one of the stimuli that it throws at us seems to pay homage to the survival horror genre, but the game insists on not being part of it. It has spooky enemies, memorable settings and dozens of allusions to the darkest legends of Eastern mythology. However, these ingredients are diluted within a very generic open world that also takes the form of a clumsy shooter, simple and repetitive to the point of saying enough. Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) and Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within) end up saving the ballot and compensating for their contradictions based on humor and charisma.

A scene to remember

If there is something worth rescuing from Ghostwire Tokyo, it is its setting. It is so spectacular that the game alone deserves a chance for it. We are facing one of the best recreations of Shibuya in the history of video games, and it will not be because there have been few. Simply wonderful. It is a pleasure to explore and walk through its streets, rooftops, forests and interiors.

The sense of scale and verticality will surprise you. Heights are a very important part of the location. We will jump from one roof to another, we will glide between buildings, we will climb fire escapes and window cleaner gondolas… It has notes of parkour and even has its own hook to grab onto certain spirits and project ourselves upwards. It’s not Spiderman, but the scrolling works very well (tip: buy the upgrades that increase its fluidity as soon as possible). The problem is not this dream world, but what we do in it.

An action game… where the action fails

Ghostwire Tokyo is a very unusual first person shooter reminiscent of Naruto and Jujutsu Kaisen. Instead of using firearms, our character moves his hands like a magician and forms different ninja seals that allow him to launch tornadoes, explosive fireballs and water attacks. Added to these abilities is a Hawkeye bow (to go stealthily) and various throwing objects that paralyze enemies and serve to hide us. It is a most original and colorful proposal, but at the controls it is not too agile, satisfying or challenging.