Ghostbusters: The Sequel to the Afterlife has a Release Date, and It’s Pretty Soon


The successful debut last fall of “Ghostbusters: Life After Death” revived cinematic classics in a new modern franchise. The legacy-quel directed by Jason Reitman was so well received that another sequel to “Ghostbusters” was confirmed at CinemaCon this year. This upcoming movie is in the news again, as the Afterlife sequel now has a release date, which is pretty close by and large.

According to an announcement released by Sony Pictures Entertainment, the sequel to Ghostbusters: The Afterlife will be released in theaters on December 20, 2023. Since ghost stories are a long—standing tradition of the holiday season, and the previous film collected a pretty decent 197.4 million dollars. after its release on November 18, 2021, this seems like a suitable option. Unfortunately, we still don’t have an official title for this new movie; and we’ll probably have to wait until those first trailers start popping up to get them.

To be honest, this seems like a very fast debut for Ghostbusters: Afterlife 2. On the other hand, the ending of Afterlife really managed to lay a pretty decent story foundation for what might happen next. Especially when Winston Zeddemore, Ernie Hudson’s “Ghostbuster,” ends the film with a moment that is already being used as a clue.

Previously announced under the code name “Firehouse” during this year’s Ecto-Fest celebration, the last spot in “Ghostbusters: The Afterlife” has already been blocked, as the next chapter of the Spengler family legacy will begin there. That if that’s the case, then someone better get busy with that flashing red light on the detention block at Ghostbusters headquarters. We all remember what happened the last time the harbinger of rock showed itself during the “Manhattan Crossroads of 1984”.

The untitled sequel “Ghostbusters: The Afterlife” will appear in theaters with scary ghost stories and stories about the glory of “Ghostbusters” on December 20, 2023. Although it’s hard not to believe that whatever the right title of this movie is, it’s already hovering among us and just waiting. to be trapped. In the meantime, if you want to return to last year’s touching legacy, at the time of writing this article, it was broadcast in the Starz library.