Ghostbusters Fans Hacked Winston in the Classic Sega Genesis Game


A group of ghostbusters fans are hacking the SEGA Genesis game of the same name to add Winston Zeddemore to the game. The Ghostbusters franchise has a long and storied history in the gaming environment, but, as with the movies, Ernie Hudson’s character is sometimes overlooked.

The 1990 video game Ghostbusters, released for the SEGA Genesis, is a side-scrolling shooter in which players must fend off an invasion of ghosts after an earthquake. The game consists of six levels, between which you can purchase upgrades. It is important to note that of the four original Ghostbusters, Peter Venkman, Ray Stanz and Egon Spengler were the only playable characters, and Winston Zeddemore was completely absent. Over the years, Winston continued to appear regularly in other “Ghostbusters” media, and actor Ernie Hudson retained a deep connection with the franchise. Just last year, Hudson announced that a sequel to the 2009 video game “Ghostbusters” is in development. In a game called “Ghostbusters: Spirits at Large” Hudson and Dan Aykroyd reprise their roles as Winston and Ray respectively, and the action takes place after “Ghostbusters: Life After Death.”

Now a group of fans is working to return Winston to his rightful place among the actors of the 1990 Ghostbusters game. According to IGN, three modders are working on hacking the ROM: BillyTime!Games, Danilo Diaz and Master Linkeui. Master Linkeui tweeted images showing the mod, and a similar video was uploaded to Billy Time! YouTube channel. Winston is apparently more physically capable than his fellow ghostbusters in the game, with higher strength scores and better jumps. It looks like Winston can’t be played for in the Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed multiplayer game, so this could be a great way for fans to get a character fix before this game is released later in 2022.

Winston in SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis Ghostbusters???


– Winston is stronger and jumps higher
-New custom palettes:
– Ghostbusters 1 khaki uniform
– Ghostbusters 2 Dark BLUE UNIFORM (my favorite)

Although the mod is reportedly not quite ready for release, it is clearly in development. Winston’s sprites are finished and fit perfectly into the artistic style of the original game, and the recorded gameplay looks smooth. Also included in the mod will be two new custom palettes based on the Ghostbusters uniforms, which can be seen in the original films “Ghostbusters” and “Ghostbusters 2”, painted in khaki and dark blue, respectively. Winston is still noticeably absent during the recorded clips of the game, but a subsequent update on Twitter from BillyTime!Games revealed that Winston’s portrait will now replace Egon’s portrait in the scientist’s conversational cues when he is chosen as a playable character. This mod not only makes Winston a playable character, but also improves the functionality of the game due to additional features.

This mod corrects a mistake made more than 30 years ago. Winston should never have been excluded from the original SEGA Genesis Ghostbusters game. However, it’s nice to see that he will finally be where he needs to be, fighting paranormal threats along with the rest of the paranormal fighters. The team behind this mod is clearly very talented and working quickly to bring their project to life. Many mods can make impressive additions to old and new games, but it’s rare to see a mod with such great cultural significance. This is not just a mod that adds a new game character, but one that incorrectly fixes the franchise.