Ghostbusters Fans Hack Winston Zeddemore in Sega Genesis Game


Ghostbusters fans are adding Winston Zeddemore to the 1990 Sega Genesis game, after the fourth Ghostbusters was released from the original.

According to Ghostbusters News (and noticed by Kotaku), Zeddemore was excluded as a playable character, despite the fact that by the time the game was released, he had appeared in the first two films and the animated series “Real Ghostbusters”.

The project is created by the modders Danilo Diaz, BillyTime!Games and Master Lunkeui, who shared their first look at the mod on Twitter (below), showcasing Zeddemore in various costumes and poses.


– Winston is stronger and jumps higher
-New custom palettes:
– Ghostbusters 1 khaki uniform
– Ghostbusters 2 Dark BLUE UNIFORM (my favorite)

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— Master Linkway (P.H.G.F.) (@masterlinkueibr) July 16, 2022

Two customizable color palettes will also be available, depicting the khaki uniform of the original Ghostbusters and the dark blue version of the sequel. The modder also said that Zeddemor will be stronger than other game characters — Peter Venkman, Ray Stanz and Egon Spengler — because he can jump higher and deal more damage.

Although the mod is still in development, BillyTime!Games also showed a working gameplay on its YouTube channel showing Zeddemore fighting various ghosts on his way to the haunted building.

Since then, of course, many Ghostbusters games have been released, and, of course, technology has advanced significantly since Genesis. The franchise even enters the virtual reality world with the aptly named Ghostbusters VR, which is suitable for both Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation VR2.

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