Ghost Rider Teaser “The End of the Road” for Johnny Blaze


Warning! Preview images for “Ghost Rider #5” ahead!

Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider, has come a long way, but this path may be coming to an end. While Johnny struggles to control the Spirit of Revenge, as well as another entity lurking in his body and mind, the preview shows how he is preparing to embark on the journey of his life.

Johnny Blaze has been a Ghost Rider ever since he sold his soul to Mephisto in “Marvel Spotlight #5”, written by Gary Friedrich with illustrations by Mike Plough, and since then he has become one of Marvel’s most recognizable antiheroes, even punishing sinners in the service of hell. while maintaining the obligation to protect the innocent. All this time, Johnny Blaze’s struggle for revenge led to a concomitant battle for his soul, and the mission of the Spirit of Revenge and Johnny Blaze’s desire for justice conflicted with each other. These attributes give the Ghost Rider durability as a popular and complex Marvel superhero.

However, the upcoming Ghost Rider preview Vol. 10 #5, written by Benjamin Percy, art by Corey Smith and Oren Junior, colored by Brian Valenza, signals what Johnny himself calls a potential “end of the road.” The preview pages of the story titled “The Spine of Hell” depict Johnny Blaze, remorseful about his past, in pain because of the ongoing conflict within him, exhausted by the road and barely in communication with the Spirit of Revenge. All he was given was a message—”Go or die”—and a destination: the Hell Ridge Rally, which Johnny described as “not only one of the most dangerous races in the country… [but] also [.. . There are rumors that this is a vortex, a place where the veil between the worlds is thin and fragile.” Check out the preview pages below.

Given the elusive “Ride or Die” message, Johnny Blaze’s weakened, tired condition, and the dangerous nature of the Hell’s Ridge Rally—a massive motorcycle race that apparently involves as diverse a list of Marvel regulars as Rhino, Doctor Doom, Wolverine, and Man-Thing-it seems possible that Johnny Blaze will stay in this world for a while. “Ride or die” may be more of a warning than an encouragement for the Ghost Rider, as he seems to be riding straight into the path of incredible danger. Johnny is already compromised by the weakened control over the Spirit of Revenge, as well as a mysterious third entity that recently seemed to be hiding inside him.

However, is it likely that Johnny will actually die? After all, he has already died and returned at least once, as detailed in the 2006-2007 storyline “The Price of Hell” from Ghost Rider Vol. 6 #6-7, written by Daniel Way, drawn by Richard Corben and colored by Jose Villarrubia. Hell to Pay, the story of the shocking betrayal that killed Johnny Blaze and sent him to hell, is an interesting addition to Johnny’s origin story, confirming that he is indeed an undead. With that in mind, it’s unlikely that Hell’s Backbone rally will lead to Johnny Blaze’s death, at least not immediately and not forever. Could this be a portent of the end of Johnny Blaze’s time as a Ghost Rider? Could this mean the arrival of another new Ghost Rider?

At the moment, it is unknown what exactly “the end of the road” will mean for Johnny Blaze, whether he will reach this end in this upcoming release or even reach it at all. After all, Johnny Blaze continues to be a popular character, and given his ability to escape the constancy of death in the past, the ultimate ending for him seems completely improbable. However, whatever new danger awaits the Ghost Rider, it may be enough to radically change the status quo of the character or even the Marvel universe.


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