Ghost Recon Frontline Is New Free-To-Play FPS For Over 100 Players


Ghost Recon Frontline: Ubisoft announced, this Tuesday (5th), the game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline, a new free-to-play tactical shooter with game modes for over 100 players for the first time in the franchise. Voxel had the opportunity to attend an early presentation and will tell about the news said by the developer.

The new title will have a class system and several combat possibilities in the arenas, which will make the gameplay quite varied. According to the developer, there will be countless ways to win a match, as everything will depend on the teams’ planning.

Among the classes available at launch will be the traditional Support and Scout. Season passes that the game will receive in the future will add new items as well as new classes.

Ghost Recon Frontline will also have RPG elements. It will be possible, for example, to customize characters to unlock specific abilities that serve certain strategies within the arena.

The game will be cross-platform and has been developed for over 3 years by Ubisoft Bucharest in collaboration with the company’s studios in Belgrade, Craiova, Kiev and Odessa.

Plot and Game Modes

The story of writer Tom Clancy’s new franchise adaptation takes place on Drakemoor Island. According to the official plot, this was a peaceful place filled with natural beauty until it was invaded by a corrupt corporation in the mining sector.

From this premise, the promise of Ubisoft is that the player will have several landscapes to enjoy, including mountains, forests, more urban areas and arid lands. The environment will influence the gameplay and will require adaptation, even.

Another differential of the title will be the Expedition mode. It includes completing various objectives that are spread across the open world and to win teams will need to combine their skills to win. The mode will be highly strategic, as actions will have to be coordinated.


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