Ghost Recon Frontline Announced: This Is Ubisoft’s New Free-To-Play PvP For Consoles And PC


Ghost Recon Frontline: Coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of the saga, the company has presented an unpublished title, which will have beta very soon. Ubisoft already announced that it wanted to explore the free-to-play model. In addition to titles developed for mobile devices, the French company also works on projects for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. One of them is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline, a Ubisoft Bucharest production. It is one of the oldest studios in the company, which recently took care of multiplayer for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. With that experience in the backpack, the developer outlines a PvP and battle royale-type FPS video game, of which she has already revealed the first details.

The title is still in an early development phase, although PC users will have the opportunity to test it out very soon in a closed beta. Not surprisingly, it is now possible to register on the game’s official website. During the presentation, they have mentioned on several occasions the importance of feedback in the development process. They will take into account player feedback at all levels, which includes the monetization system.

Ghost Recon Frontline respects the legacy of its predecessors and proposes a gameplay focused on tactical action. It does so within a massive open world, which has dimensions of 16km / 2. In addition, it features four different biomes and twenty points of interest. The context of the story refers to the disaster that occurred on Drakemoor Island, which has forced the inhabitants to evacuate. Our mission as soldiers will be to make sure we create the right conditions so that the islanders can one day return.

What is Ghost Recon Frontline like? Modes, progression and classes

Gameplay is channeled through two different modes. The main one is called Expeditions and it poses a massive battle with 100 players divided into different squads. The objective is to get three pieces of information scattered on the map. In an interview with MeriStation, the creative director Bogdan Bridinel explained that this data is hidden in three different drones, which will be necessary to use the helipad and start the extraction. “It is not a simple process. Once you start hacking, during that period of time you are visible to others, so you have to think about how you are going to manage it ”. He comments that you can’t use vehicles at the moment, but you can still move “or choose a good place with barricades” to set up defenses.

The team that gathers the information will have to extract it, so at that moment all the other players will know what is happening and where the extraction is taking place (marked on the map). “We don’t want the players to let it pass, because otherwise you could be suddenly defeated without knowing what happened.” Those who are far away can use the vehicles to get closer; those nearby will probably have to contend with defenses.


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