Ghost Recon Breakpoint will continue receive free content


Ubisoft has detailed its roadmap and promises new features, Ghost Experience enhancements, and a crossover event.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint may not start out on the market with a firm footing, but Ubisoft has tried in every way to improve the gaming experience with new updates, both free and paid. In a statement on the video game’s official website, the French thanked the community for their support and confirmed that their update plan has not finalized. During the next months, the title will implement new functionalities.

“With the publication of Episode 3: Red Patriot and the Pioneer class we have put an end to the content of the Year 1 Pass,” they explain. According to Ubisoft, many players have asked them about the future of the title, so they wanted to draw the main lines. “In a few weeks we will release another title update that will include new features and improvements for the Ghost Experience, as well as new items and much more.” As if that weren’t enough, they are preparing a crossover event for 2021.

A year full of updates

The French company has not reported on whether they plan to launch a second season pass. In the time that Ghost Recon Breakpoint has been on the market, they have launched 10 updates, which have added a more customizable mode (the Ghost Experience), as well as other important features. One of the most important was published in the summer: it is a functionality that is highly demanded by the gaming community, nothing more and nothing less than the companions managed by artificial intelligence.

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint went on sale on October 4, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Later it was also released on Google Stadia. Although many new Ubisoft releases will have a version for the new generation, nothing has been said about this particular video game.


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