Ghost of Tsushima will have a 60 FPS mode on PS5


Sucker Punch will not only improve Ghost of Tsushima’s frame rate on PS5, but it will also reduce game load times even further.

Now that we finally have concrete data about how backward compatibility will work on PS5, being able to play the vast majority of the PS4 catalog on the new generation console – only 10 will not be -, it is time to know details of some specific games. One of them is the last great exclusive so far for the current generation such as Ghost of Tsushima -in which we can already domesticate the Mongolian dogs-, and it will not only be backward compatible, but it will look even better.

Jin Sakai, also on PS5, and even better

As announced by Sucker Punch on Twitter, Ghost of Tsushima will benefit from the capabilities of PS5 to improve PS4 games -something that will not happen in all cases-, and the most immediate improvement is that we can enjoy it at a frame rate 60 images per second. Not only that, but loading times will be further reduced. “If the loading times are already great on PS4, wait until you see them on PS5” they say from the studio.

As we said before, not only the PS5 backward compatibility has been detailed, but also how to transfer games, something that will be possible in most games although there will be exceptions. If we have a game started on PS4 and we want to continue it in the next generation, we can do so thanks to cloud storage, in an SSD memory or thanks to a Wi-Fi connection.

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Meanwhile, since the release of Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch has not stopped working on the game, despite great critical and sales results. In fact, next day 16 will arrive a new totally free cooperative mode, Legends, in addition to other features such as New Game Plus and more.


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