Ghost of Tsushima pays tribute to Sony exclusive


God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Stranding, Days Gone, The Last of Us or Gran Turismo are some of the games that have been put on paper.

Sony Worldwide Studios is the company that encompasses all the studios of the Japanese company. With the arrival of PlayStation 5, the company has presented the PlayStation Studios label, which protects all its internal products under the same umbrella. Ghost of Tsushima, the new production of Sucker Punch, is one of those exclusive, albeit on PlayStation 4. A sign of team brotherhood is in the arts that are exchanged on social networks when a launch occurs, but also in the small ones. Easter eggs that can be found in their titles. In the case of the game from the creators of InFamous, that tribute has been reflected in origami figures.

Twitter user xGarbett has been one of the users who has shared the collection of paper figurines on a table on Twitter. He has also posted a video below. The list of titles with origami figurines is extensive and reviews many of the platform’s great exclusives. They are as follows:

Shadow of the Colossus
Days Gone
Horizon Zero Dawn
Ratchet and Clank
Death stranding
God of war
The Last of Us
Gran Turismo
MLB The Show
Concrete Genie

Prophety, the canceled title of Sucker Punch that has been leaked

Despite Sony’s efforts to remove the footage from YouTube, extended Prophety gameplay has made its way online. It is a canceled project of Sucker Punch, an open-world game with medieval aesthetics and fantasy overtones. Thus, the protagonist raises a weapon, but is able to combine steel and magic to eliminate his enemies.

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A Detail Reveals That Ghost Of Tsushima Will Not Be Deferred

Once canceled, efforts focused on Ghost of Tsushima, a product so tangible that it can now be played on PlayStation 4. This samurai game was released on July 17 and has become the last great exclusive of the console.


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