Ghost of Tsushima Movie Director: “We Took Time To Get It Right”


Ghost of Tsushima: The film is still in the process of writing the script, so they have not cast the actors yet. The Last of Us and Uncharted are not the only intellectual properties of PlayStation Studios that will be adapted to television and film. Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch’s samurai game, will also receive similar treatment on the big screen. However, the film’s director takes it patiently. You know, slowly and with good handwriting. In an exclusive interview with IGN, Chad Stahelski (John Wick) has stressed that his intention is to do things correctly.

“We just want to do things right,” he said in an interview that took place on the red carpet of The Matrix: Resurrections. “You know how video game adaptations can end, so we’re taking the time [necessary] to get it right. We are working very closely with the developers to ensure that we focus on what is really good. ”

Does Daisuke Tsuji return as the protagonist?

The filmmaker has stated that the project is still in the early stage of development, as they are working on the script. Fans of Ghost of Tsushima “will rejoice” with the work they are doing, he anticipates. He has also confirmed that he has enjoyed the video game “many times” and that this has been what has led him to take charge of its adaptation.

Nothing is known about who will be the protagonist. IGN has asked if Daisuke Tsuji, the actor of the video game in its English version, will be involved in the film: “We will see. We have not come that far yet ”, Stahelski pointed out.

Ghost of Tsushima came out in 2020 exclusively for PlayStation 4. The Director’s Cut edition was also launched on this platform, but Sucker Punch took the opportunity to optimize the title on PS5 and add new features, not to mention the expansion on the island of Ike. It should be noted that updating from the base version to the new one is not free; Neither is jumping from the PS4 Director’s Cut to the PS5 one.