Ghost of Tsushima: location of all training bamboos


We detail the location of all the training bamboos and their utility in Ghost of Tsushima, now available exclusively for PS4. “The course of the battle can change at any time.

A blink can make the difference between victory and defeat. A samurai must take advantage of any moment to train. Polish your sword technique by cutting bamboos in one fell swoop, ”details Ghost of Tsushima’s own description of one of the game’s most affordable collectibles. We give this rating because there are only 16 in total, while from other collectibles we will find dozens.

Still, due to the sheer size of the Tsushima Island map, some of them may escape us no matter how much we follow the yellow birds that guide us toward them (and other collectibles and locations of interest). For this reason, and in order to help you increase the maximum determination of Jin (to be able to use those points and heal in battle) below and as part of this complete guide we detail where to find all these bamboo stalls.

Location of all training Bamboos in Izuhara

This first area of ​​history contains 7 bamboo stalls that we can unlock when we reach the indicated towns or the external locations that we discuss below:

Hiyoshi Bamboo Stall: In the first village we reached when we started the Ishikawa Story. We find it in the center of the place, so it has no loss.
Komatsu Bamboo Stall: near the Kotasu Forge, west of Tsetsu. We can find the bamboo stall by following some colored banners located in the southwestern corner of the place.
Ariake Bamboo Stall: In front of the house located southwest of the Hourem Prairie across the stream, south of the Golden Temple.
Tsutsu Bamboo Stall: out in the open, at the “Whispering Bend” of the Tsutsu River.
Azamo bamboo stall: to access it we must have passed the main mission of “The Broken Blacksmith” and the secondary story “Unfinished Business”. We find it in the eastern part of the town in Azamo Bay.
Kashine Bamboo Stall: on top of the Komoda “Tramp’s Pass” mountain.
Komoda bamboo stand: south of the village, at one of its final ends.

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Location of all training Bamboos in Toyotama

Once the first act of history is over, we can advance to the next region, where we will find 6 other bamboo stalls to continue improving our determination points.

Akashima Bamboo Stall: near Fort Ito we reached at the beginning of this second act. Specifically, it is east of the Akashima lighthouse.
Otsuna bamboo stall: in Jin’s hometown of Omi, in Kubara. There we will find the bamboo stand right next to the protagonist’s mansion.
Kubara Bamboo Stall: north of Lord Shimura hunting camp, whom we know as part of the main story of Act 2, west of the Turtle Rock Sanctuary, near a watchtower.
Kushi Bamboo Stall: northeast of Benkei Falls.
Yarikawa Bamboo Stall: When we have advanced enough in the story we will arrive at Yarikawa Fortress. There, we found the post at the back of the imposing building.
Umugi bamboo stall: west of the cove near the town’s beach.

Location of all training Bamboos in Kamigata

The last 3 bamboo stalls are in the third and final Tsushima region, which we reached when we advanced enough in the main story of the game:

Bamboo stall of the “Endless Gap”: in the eastern part of Kin, near the lighthouse.
Kin Bamboo Stall: On a small island in the middle of the lake, north of the Kin Shrine.
Sago Bamboo Stall – On top of the snowy mountain south of the abandoned Sago Mine Outpost.


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