Ghost of Tsushima: Legend will not have micro conversions


Sucker Punch confirms that Ghost of Tsushima: Legends will not have microtransactions of any kind. There are no plans to introduce them after their launch.

The cooperative multiplayer mode of Ghost of Tsushima will not have microtransactions of any kind. They also have no plans to incorporate them in the future. All Legends content can be unlocked through player progress. This has been confirmed by a PlayStation representative via Sucker Punch to IGN.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends has been one of the surprises of the month of August. On the 17th the studio released the first details in a complementary way to Jin Sakai’s adventure. Although in the base game we visited the beauty of the island, here we will be involved in fantastic scenarios based on Japanese mythology and folklore.

Free cooperative

The experience will be divided according to the size of the group. If two players play, they will access cooperative story missions that will escalate in difficulty. In the words of the company, they have been built “under the foundations of combat seen in single player mode”, although it will require “synchronizing” with your partner to perform certain actions.

On the other hand, if four players get together, you will have access to wave survival missions. Later on, a raid will arrive that will take them to “a new dimension to challenge a brutal and terrifying enemy.” The multiplayer will base its character system on four different roles: Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, and Assassin. They have not transcended what advantages and abilities each one will have.

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Legends will be part of a free update that Ghost of Tsushima will receive at some point in late 2020. The only requirement to enjoy this content is to be a member of PlayStation Plus. You can watch his reveal trailer at the top of this piece.

If you are still in search of your platinum, you can count on our help thanks to the detailed guide available in this house. You will be able to know where all the Mongol Burrows, documents and artifacts are, among others. You will find it by clicking on this link.


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