Ghost of Tsushima excited about DualSense technology


Brian Fleming reflects on the haptic feedback of the new PlayStation 5 controller, with which they want to experiment. With Ghost of Tsushima reaping truly positive sales for Sony, PS4 players can bid farewell to the console’s catalog of great exclusives for this precious journey in feudal Japan.

On the horizon is the PlayStation 5, whose controller, the DualSense, has the members of Sucker Punch excited. For its co-founder and producer, the interest is superlative.

According to Brian Fleming in a meeting with Eurogamer, “I am particularly excited by the haptic feedback from the controller. “We’ve already talked about how much we love the way the controllers can connect you to a game, and anything that gives us more capabilities to give the player a better tactile feedback on what’s going on, I think it will be great news.” he comments.

In fact, Ghost of Tsushima takes advantage of the DualShock’s touchpad to generate stimuli with the environment. To highlight, the wind direction or the use of certain tools and instruments. “So I think for Sucker Punch, that’s a particularly interesting area.”

The future will tell how Sucker Punch takes advantage of the control of the ever closer PlayStation 5.

Ghost of Tsushima, available exclusively on PS4

Sucker Punch considered making a title based on The Three Musketeers, but ultimately opted for the feudal Japan theme. Another interesting aspect that has been highlighted from the North American study is that the climate of the title is dynamic to adapt to the way we play. With a spectacular start in the UK at the level of sales and a total consensus on the part of the users through Metacritic, this work aims to become one of the best valued of the year by the public.

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Ghost of Tsushima went on sale in physical and digital format on July 17 exclusively on PS4. You can read our analysis here. As for an eventual version of the game on PS5, at the moment it is something totally unknown; We also do not know the possible advantages that the game may have through the backward compatibility of the new Sony console.


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