Ghost Of Tsushima collected critics’ view


The title of Sucker Punch has become the last great PlayStation 4 exclusive, as Sony’s eyes are already focused on the new console. Tsushima Island is in danger.

The Mongols have disembarked with a desire to conquer and are not going to lay down their arms easily. They arrive at the samurai lands, unaware that Jin Sakai is waiting for them with the katana in hand. He is the ghost, a man who previously followed the bushido code but gave it up to protect his home. Ghost of Tsushima, the new production of Sucker Punch, has already gone on sale. With PlayStation 5 on the horizon, this title is set to be the latest exclusive to Sony’s current system. In this context, the company has just published a trailer in which the opinions of the press are reflected. You can see it on these lines.

The game has exceeded sales expectations, at least in Japan. The work of the creators of InFamous has not only garnered the highest mark in Famitsu (40/40), but has also been sold out on Japanese territory. The Japanese recommend purchasing it through the PlayStation Store while expanding the stock. In any case, it is unknown how many units initially counted, so it will be necessary to wait to analyze specific figures.

A ghost among soldiers

Ghost of Tsushima was released on July 17 exclusively for PlayStation 4. The game puts us in the shoes of Jin Sakai, a former samurai who renounces his teachings to combat a greater evil, the one who threatens to destabilize all the island. Alone, in the shadows, using your own ghost tactics, you will be able to defeat the Mongols once and for all.

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A recent leak has found that Sucker Punch had another project underway before it was canceled. Prophecy was an open world game set in medieval Europe, with hints of stealth and lots of action. He combined the sword with magic, as could be seen in the leaked video.


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